What is the difference between a straight blade (straight blade) and a screw blade?

“Straight edge” offers consistent machining for various work materials.
Here are the features of

Left-hand threading:
(1) High vanishing effect and tends to improve surface roughness,
(2) Efficient powder discharge (through hole), and
(3) Easy to raise cutting conditions.

Right-hand threading:
(1) Effective for stop holes because chips are discharged to the shank side,
(2) Provides excellent cutting performance and minimal cutting resistance.

What is the difference between Carbide Reamer and High Speed Steel Reamer?

Here are the features of

Carbide Reamers:
(1) High abrasion resistance and long tool life,
(2) Easily finished to the reamer diameter, and
(3) Easy to increase cutting conditions.

High-Speed Steel Reamers:
(1) It’s affordable,
(2) It allows for easy tracking of the bottom hole, and
(3) It’s chip-resistant.

Is a straight hole sufficient for a tapered reamers?

Depending on the depth of the hole, we recommend using our Taper Pin Drill (TPD) series or creating a stepped hole for the bottom portion. A straight hole may have too much allowance for the wider portion.


What distinguishes a key seed cutters from a T-slot cutters?

Key seed cutters feature blades solely on their outer edge, typically boasting a high blade count and proving exceptionally effective for slot cutting keys.

Alternatively, T-slot cutters come equipped with blades situated on three sides of the blade – the tip, neck, and outer edge – allowing for streamlined chip removal and making it ideal for T-slot cutting.

What is the hardness (HRC) of the cemented Carbide Cutter series?

It’s hard to determine the ideal hardness without considering multiple machining conditions. However, the standard recommendation is to work with steel that’s tempered up to ~HRC40.
While it’s possible to exceed this limit, doing so comes with a higher risk of breakage.

Click here to view the cutter series designed for processing high hardness materials, even those rated HRC60 or above.


How can I request a unique item?

Please reach out to your dealer or distributor for orders and price quotes.
We are readily available to assist with tool geometry and machining consultations. You can contact us via phone or our inquiry form at any time.

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